Reasons why adventures are good for you.

Reasons why adventures are good for you.

1. Adventures make you more intelligent

A psychological study conducted at Indiana University found that all we have to do to begin to reap the benefits of travel is to imagine we’re on a trip. By doing so, both our creativity and self-­‐awareness get a boost. That in mind, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the benefits of going on an actual real-­‐life adventure. So venture out.

2. Adventures reduce stress and depression

The University of Pittsburgh’s Mind Body Centre conducted a study that found that, in a test group, those who took less than one holiday every two years were more likely to suffer from depression and stress-­‐related illnesses than those who took at least two holidays a year. Not only that, the same study also found that all leisure activities helped lower blood pressure. Win-­‐win.

3. Adventures are good for your heart

When the longest-­‐running study on cardiovascular disease says going travelling can help reduce the risk of heart disease, you take note. The Framingham Heart Study found that males who didn’t take a single trip – whether international or domestic – over a number of years were 30% more likely to be struck down by a heart attack than those who made time for holidays. The moral of the story? Listen to your heart and venture out.

4. Adventure makes you more appealing to the opposite sex

Datung websites discovers that 80% of the people in the world found that they were more attracted to those with ‘travel’ listed in their interests. And the more adventurous the travel, the more alluring you’re perceived. Giggedy.

5. Adventures help you age better

OK – aging isn’t fun. But adventures can help us slide into old age with more of our grey matter intact than our non-­‐adventurous counterparts. Here’s how: new cultures, environments and experiences challenge the brain and force it to work harder and think differently. Travel promotes both brain health and resilience, found the Brain Health Centre. Insert joke about overseas adventure travel being a ‘no-­‐brainer’ here.